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Simulator Pricing

Simulators can be booked by the hour or 1/2 hour.

More than 1 person can play at the same time.

You can come play solo or with a group ( up to 4 people).

1/2 hour

$22 per person

1 hour

$32 per person

1 hour (multiple players)

$45 total for the group

Over 100 courses

Practice range

Target practice

Golf Simulator

Indoor golf is simulator to real golf.  You use real balls and your own clubs.  You swing like you are outside.  The difference is that you are hitting into a screen that is simulating a real course and your ball trajectory. 

The upside is - you don't lose as many balls.


Scranton Golf Center has two indoor golf simulators paired with

E6 Golf Software and Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitors.

The Flightscopes use 3D doppler radar technology that reads

club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, distance, and more.

The Flightscopes are paired with E6 TruGolf software, which takes you on a virtual simulated course.

It will look as if you are actually playing on a real-life course.

We have over 100 COURSES to play on including well known courses such as

Pebble Beach, Spy Glass, Spanish Bay, Pinehurst No. 2, Firestone Country Club, and more!

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